Friday, January 19, 2018

International Business Etiquette

What is international business?

International business means that the goods and services that are bought and sold to customers, which are available in different countries. Due to the globalization of trade and business, it has become easy for people and companies to trade with each other and this means that the level of competition has increased as well. The management of the companies makes sure that they incorporate all the factors that can secure their position in the market in order to get a high market share. It is also crucial for them to make use of technological innovation before others so that they can always make sure that they continue to remain one-step ahead of others. Because of the vigorous level of competition, it has now become necessary for them to plan and organize for this purpose and get hold of international clients so that growth and development of the company is ensured.

 There are several benefits of international business

International business has improved over the past several years because of the several benefits that are associated with it. Through this technique, it has become possible for people exchange their goods, services and capital to different regions around the world. Not only is it beneficial for the company in terms of the money and return that is generated through them but it is also important because of the benefits that they provide to the entire economy. The Gross Domestic Product of the company is increased by several folds and the economy is able to grow and develop in an effective manner. The role of this type of business in the development of the country means that both developed and developing nations can benefit from them.

What might affect the international business etiquette of any country or company?

Several factors affect the international business of a country or a company. If the political, social and economic factors of the country are not good, other countries would not be willing to invest in the country because they would be threatened by the situation that prevails in the country. Poor conditions of the country would discourage other people to participate in the business of the country and the international transactions would not be able to take place in an effective manner. Thus in order to encourage international business, country needs to focus upon these factors so that the macroeconomic factors of the country are improved through the international transactions that take place.

International business and exchange rate

The main source of concern in international transaction is the exchange rate that prevails. If the exchange rate depreciates, it would cause losses for the business because if they want to buy the goods from the foreign country, they would have to accumulate more funds for this purpose and the same transaction would now be expensive for them. Therefore, factors such as exchange rate should also be considered when companies are interested in making international business transactions to get maximum possible benefits through them.


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