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We are the leading service provider in Malaysia which providing our customers with consultancy, research, training as well as the technical supports in the total quality management, waste control, business process management, loss minimization, process improvement areas. We aim in providing our customers with services and solutions that will ensure their improved business performance in terms of service quality development, maintaining & achieving competitive advantage and cost control. We help them to fight poor quality propositions that affect a business to from performing on its full capacity.

We works in hand on hand approach with our customers. This helps us to reveal the areas that potentially require serious evaluation. Our consultancy service is designed as an ongoing process for most of the organization so that they can easily catch it up irrespective of their organizational size and industry affiliation. Thus, we are catering services and advising to wide range of customers from different backgrounds. We put emphasis on identifying system burden, system stress, process route economization, process management & reengineering etc as a whole. Therefore, we can furnish a detail list of areas where the organization management should concentrate more.

We has extensive training courses. These training courses are segregated into six major aspects of an organization, which are people, improvement, safety, food safety, automotive, environmental and quality. Under quality we focus on awareness, documentation, implementation, internal auditor, total quality representation and quality objectives understanding. At environmental aspects we focus on chemical and waste management, legal issues and environmental impacts. For automotive we concentrate on product quality planning, control plan, partial approval process, effect and system analysis and so on. At food safety we have all the hygiene related aspects and practices. Leadership, supervision, team building are covered in people’s one. Thus, we have each broken up to their tiniest element to be benefited.

We have years experience and long success stories. We have helped many organizations, firms, companies and enterprises irrespective of their size and industry orientation in achieving the global standard.

It does not take management debate or meeting to better a company performance. So, contact us today to help your organization.

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