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Types of office partitions and their benefits

Office partitions are used by so many businesses across the world. Mostly, they are used as a way of ensuring that employees have privacy and also offer an easy and quick way of altering workspace to ensure that future expansions are met. Also, in comparison to creation of permanent walls, they offer a much cheaper option. You can buy modern partitioning easily and get to install it in the shortest time possible while guaranteeing you enhanced durability. There are many different types of partitions that include glass partitions and portable partitions

Floor to ceiling office partitions

Many offices are increasingly using these partitions for breaking the workspaces up. Sometimes, these office partitions are known as ‘full height’ but the worker isn’t actually enclosed fully and visibility is not stopped at the office. Mainly, metal is used for making the partitions and cloth is used for covering the floor. These ones can also be arranged and easily moved from various locations with no problem at all.

Glass partitions

The next option of office partitions available out there on the market is glass partition and this is becoming a darling for many people. Typically, aluminum and glass is used for making these partitions and while some can have a frame, others are without it. You will essentially find them available in full height panels or half and privacy at the workplace is guaranteed through installation of venetian blinds. The noise can be reduced by use of glass partition while also ensuring that light is able to flow over the workspace entirely. The price paid for the glass partitions cost will depend on various things like type of glass, framing and other desired options depending on what is available on the market.


Cubicles are by far the most basic and common dividers used in offices today. You will hear them being referred to as ‘half height’ partitions by many and provide enhanced privacy. These office partitions offer enhanced convenience since the workspace configuration can be changed easily by just mere movements of the cubicle’s walls. Installation of cubicles is done in a way that 4 walls are made and there is an opening made to ensure that people enter the cubicle and exit. Usually, the fourth wall of the cubicle is normally half and the workspace in the cubicle normally features computer space, work desk, filing system and related software.

Accordion walls

The thing with accordion walls is that these office partitions can be moved easily and quickly among different places as desired. Full enclosure is essentially provided by these partitions which is actually similar to floor to ceiling partitioning.

Portable office partitions

Usually, portable office partitionsare on rollers and come with the advantage of being moved among different places. They are preferred by many people who are looking for the most flexible temporary partitioning solution. Most importantly, they come with the advantage of enhanced noise reduction and even though they offer minimal privacy.

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